Answers Coming


In time, you will see. In time, you will understand. In time, you will look back and trust for the future because you saw the past get taken care of in my capable hands.


We are living in very interesting times. The heavens seems to be shifting in front of us and aligning for His purposes to be done on Earth. It’s like watching the seasons turn, but instead of watching leaves fall, or grass turn green, I watch the lives of friends and loved ones bud and change, and grow suddenly. Those who are surrendered to His purposes all seem to be experiencing significant change.

What’s interesting is that much of this change is bringing about things we’ve cried out for in our lives. Whether it’s healing, relationship, job change or otherwise, the face of God is turning our way. He has heard our cries and is answering us.

It was desperation for change that forced us out of the comforts of our homes. It was hope that God would heal the land that lead us to believe. It was faith that brought us to our knees to plead for His will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Through all the doubt, through all the waiting, our answers are coming. Soon.

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