Embrace the Underdog


Embrace the underdog in you. A steady, confident, improving individual will seem to come out of nowhere after years of training, but they have staying power. The highly gifted can draw big bucks with little training, but if the consistency and character isn’t there, they fall quickly.

If you are not the best in your field, keep improving and keep in mind that each practice, each new lesson you learn through failure, each time you say to yourself, “I’m going to figure this out”, puts you in a place of victory and prepares you for the long haul. Performers will talk down to themselves and refuse to learn the hard way because the expectations on their gift have defined them, not their persistence in learning a craft.

If you see a performer, tell him he’s a great person and you’ve suddenly become his hero.

7 thoughts on “Embrace the Underdog

  1. Best wishes below Mark, this season I dig the site and will also be following you. Best of luck! Craig using a full-plate of at-bats might be prime 3-4 after this year. Teixeira falling out of top I do believe. Enjoy Goldschmidt this year!

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