The Gift-buying Intimidation Factor

this kid apparently does not appreciate books for Christmas

Buying gifts for nephews/nieces is more intimidating than I’d anticipated. Mental calculations for today’s shopping outing for Gavin & Owen’s 5th birthday:

1. Jan 3 birthday = just got Christmas presents, but doesn’t justify a crappy gift. Go big or go home! Wait, I still don’t have a job. Doh.
2. 5yr old gifts need to be fun and anticipate being used in short bursts of time, so don’t get something that requires much attention span, however, if the game is fun enough, these non-TV kiddos can probably handle it.
3. Having a winter birthday kind of stinks because your gifts are all ones that will be used indoors, but I really like those rockets!! (Clueless uncle act should work, no??)
4. Am I thinking of presents that I would enjoy rather than the boys?
5. What kind of present is suitable for a 5 year old, but doesn’t pose a choking/safety risk to a < 1yr old sister? 6. Why didn't I do this research on Amazon last week??!! 7. Don't they already have one of these? 8. Why don't they already have one of these?? 9. Phillip’s Toy Mart was made for adults, I’m quite sure.
10. Keep it cheap, quality, fun, educational, personal, unique, safe, age-appropriate and, and, and…!!
11. Maybe I’m over thinking this. :-/

I will hope for mercy. Thank goodness, I didn’t get books. (Found this on YouTube.)