Being called to greatness


The World is waiting and watching, hoping and praying that you will make decisions which produce life. If you are alive today, you have the ability to affect the world around you and it is waiting for someone like you to make a choice to be great.

How do I know this?  Because I have greatness called out of me every day. The people in my life, the books I read, the words that tumble around in my head are all calling out saying, “You are made to be great. Your words are powerful; your actions change lives. Do what is inside your heart and the world will never be the same.”  This may sound ridiculous, but hints of this theme are in our faces all the time.

Look at the movies in Hollywood.  Some of them are about as useless as a third shoe, but movies like The Matrix, Spiderman, Independence Day, Iron Man and even Transformers have story lines that show the main character going from a normal to great throughout the course of the movie.  All of these messages strike a chord in us because we know we were meant for something more.

Why do you think the sequels fail so miserably??  Because the screen writers don’t know what to do with a character that has stepped into their greatness!  We’re so used to seeing people fall flat on their face after they obtain greatness, that it seems like utter fiction to portray someone as wholesome, honest, and respected.

How many celebrities fall short of the glory we bestow upon them? Recently, we’ve seen Michael Jackson fall prey to his apparent addiction to pain pills.  Steve McNair was shot to death when alleged mistress got jealous of another woman, who was also not Steve’s wife!  Spiritual leaders like Ted Haggard and hundreds of priests are accused of gross sexual misconduct.

With all this in our faces and in the back of our minds, it’s no wonder that we are weary of living a life of victory.  Besides that, we all know how imperfect we are ourselves.  When the choice to make decisions that produce life or produce death stares us in the face, it’s often easier to choose death simply because of the expectation that a good decision puts on us.

But that’s a lie.  Truth is that we don’t have to succumb to pressure of the world.  If we believe in Christ, it is our nature to do good.  That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

Believe the words that get spoken over you. You are great. You are meant for something amazing. The world is grateful when you make decisions that produce life and in doing so, you bring the rest of us a step closer to realizing our own greatness.