Trust of Authority


We are taught not to trust authority, especially politicians. Many people have nothing but hatred to speak of those on Capital Hill, while others despise the cops or the crooked judge or hypocritical pastor.

Many of these people shouldn’t be trusted because they haven’t earned it, but we tend to apply it across the board, instead of only where it is deserved.

Media only perpetuates this trend and then we end up where we are now as a nation of lonely, independent angry people with very little to call family. At the end of the day, however, family and God is the only thing we can rely on.

What will it take to bring us back to a place of trusting authority? Brokenness (the state of surrendering to a higher power) comes at the expense of great trial, but it brings people together. The step just before brokenness is humility. Before we are forced to suffer brokenness, let’s pursue humility, which begins with offering a little trust to those in authority. If they mess up, who knows, maybe we will have to learn to forgive.

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